Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Create an Account?

To create an Account:
1. Go to www.Petty Cash and click the Register link in the top right hand corner.
2. Fill out the registration form with the basic information we ask you.
3. Click the Create Account button.
4. Check your messages for an email from us with a confirmation link. The message will be sent to the email address you specified.
5. Click the link in the email to confirm your email address.

How do I Log-In to my Account?

To Log In to Your Account:
Before you can use any of our services, you are required to register an account and sign in. If you do not have an account, please see How do I Create an Account above. Petty Cash Loans offers two ways in which you can sign in.
Firstly: Go to www.Petty Cash When the page is loaded you will see two input boxes asking for your email address and password respectively. Fill in the required information and click the Sign In button.
Secondly: Click the Login link at the top right hand corner of any page or type http://www.Petty Cash into your browsers address bar. When the page loads, enter you email address and password then click the Login button.
**The email address should be your Petty Cash Loans email address and password.

What if I Forget my Password?

We provide a password recovery tool in case you have forgotten or misplaced your current password.
However, due to security purposes, we do not provide you with your old password. Instead, a new password will be generated and emailed to you.
To use the password recovery tool, click the Forgot your Password? link that is located at the top right hand corner of any page. Follow the instructions to generate a new password for your account.

What if I have problems Signing In?

If you are encountering problems while trying to sign in to your Petty Cash Loans account, it is likely that you either have cookies turned off or you are making a mistake with your password.
1. Cookies Turned Off
In order for you to sign in, you must have cookies enabled. We use a session cookie to keep track of your session once you are logged in. If you disable cookies, then you won't be able to sign in.
2. Password Mistakes
Petty Cash Loans passwords are case-sensitive. This means that if your password is Petgmk and you type petgmk, the login will fail. If you can't remember your password, you can request a new one using the password reset tool.

What if I want to edit my account information?

After registration you may need to change certain account details. Petty Cash Loans allows you to easily update your account information in order to keep it valid and current. After you have signed in go to the My Account page or simply hover over the My Account tab and click the Account Information link. We allow you to change your email address, firstname, lastname, phone number, company and account type. If you decide to change your email address the updated email address will become your Petty Cash Loans login.

Why is my account suspended?

We regularly monitor accounts in the Petty Cash Loans system. If we notice issues, we may temporarily suspend your account.
During a suspension, you won't be able to access your account. If you feel your account has been wrongfully suspended, you may email us with further information.
All suspensions imposed on any account is temporary, and we will notify you when the suspension has been lifted.

How to cancel my account?

You may cancel your account at anytime. Please contact us via our contact form or by phone. After cancelling your account, you wont have any affiliation with Petty Cash Loans

How long before an assesment is completed?

An assessmennt is usually done within 6 to 48 hours, however circumstances may arise and an assessment may take an extra 24 hours. It does not interfare with the time it takes for a loan the loan to be approved.

How long does a loan takes to be approved?

Approval of loans usually is done within a period of 1-7 business day(s), and usually starts after the assesment is done.
The assessment or processing fee does not guarantee a loan a approval.

How do I know if my loan is granted?

After an assessment is done, we will notify you re the status of your loan via email, phone or otherwise that your loan is being processed, denied or approved. If you applied online you can also check the status of your loan form your Petty Cash Loans account.

Can i re-apply for a loan in the case my previous application was denied?

Yes! You can re-apply if the situation in which the loan was not granted is rectified, also, you can ask the loan officer why your loan was denied.

What time do your offices open and close?

We open during business days Monday - Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and on Saturdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

What are the types of loans you offer?

We offer a variety of loans which include:
1. Classified Funding ranging from (10,000 - 50,000)
2. Unsecured Express ranging from (20,000 - 60,000)
3. Commerce Financing ranging from (60,000 - 150,000)
4. Commercial Express ranging from (150,000 - 500,000)
5. Payday Advance Loan ($5,000 - $30,000)

Who are the persons that we finance?

We finance Vendors, Small trade shops, Bar operators, Hair dressers and Barbers, Dress makers and Tailors, Restaurants, Farmers, Carpenters, Taxi and bus operators and civil servants.

Who are qualified to recieve loans?

1. Working persons who are of a sound character
2. Civil servants and self employed individuals
3. Small business and companies.

What are the required documents when applying for a loan?

1.Two passport size photographs
2. Valid ID and TRN
3. Two reference letters from a JP and or Pastor.
4. Proof of address.
5. Security (Receipts)

What are the collaterals you generally use?

1. Machinery, furniture and appliances
2. Land and moto-vehicle title
3. Jewellery (Receipts and assets)
4. Shares and fixed deposite (certifcate)
5. Life insurance policy(Cash surrender)
6. Assets of your guarantor.

Can I get a loan the same day?

Yes, if you are a repeated customer with good payment records.

Do you lend for emergencies?

Yes, We lend for emergencies such as :
1. Special days
2. Having a baby
3. Moto-vehicle repairs
4. Funeral expenses
5. Weddings
6. Education
7. Health
8. Home improvement

What are the things that can prevent me from getting a loan after an assesment/processing?

1. If the client is not of a sound mind/character.
2. If the furniture/machinery/appliances are outdated.
3. If there is a sign of no business.
4. If there are incorrect information on the application.
5. If there are no valid receipts for collaterals.
6. If the company that your working for does not sign the salary deduction.
7. If there is no guarantor present to sign on your behalf.
8. If you are borrowing a loan to start a business.
9. If you cant provide the required documents.
10. If your independent value cannot cover for the category of loan that you applied for.
11. If applicant is not working.

What is ment by Assessment/Processing ?

Petty Cash Loans hires professionals to visit a potential client to observe and make evaluation of the good/services and their surrounding in general.
These professionals or evaluators will then give us a full notification with the disburstment of any loan request.
Petty Cash Loans also has highly qualified professioanls who will look over all documentations and then make queries if and when neccesary.

Is the assessment/processing fees refundable or do you refund at anytime ?

Assessment fees are refundable only if we did not do an assessment.
Processing fees are refundable only if we did not start the process.
In general we do not make refunds unless you had overpaid on your loan.

What are the payment terms used at Petty Cash Loans?

At Petty Cash loans we use flexible payments terms.
Time span to honor payment agreement is 16-48 weeks and payback are generally weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

What are your interest rates and do you have a late payment policy?

At Petty Cash Loans, our interest rates are competitive, payable on a weekly basis and calculated on the outstanding balance each week if late or none payment.
Interest rates are subjected to change from time to time depending on changes in the economy.

Do I need to pay a processing or assessment fee before my application can be considered?

Petty Cash Loans has to fabricate the payment of assessors and processing specialist and therefore needs to collect these fees to accomodate your loan.

What are the processes of applying for a loan?

- Fill out an application at our offices or online at www.Petty Cash
- Pay the processing/assessment fee, giving the required home and business address.
- After an assessment/processing, we will update you as to the status of your loan.

Can I access a second loan though i already have one pending ?

No, you can only access one loan at a time.
A loan balance has to be cleared before another can be granted.

What are the mediums of receiving paypacks or payments?

We accept cash, debit/credit card and managers cheques only.
We do not accept personal cheques.
Salary deductions
Payment to a Bank of Nova Sciotia (BNS) or National Commercial Bank (NCB) account any where in Jamaica.

What should I do If I cannot make my payment on time?

Simply, call to state the situation. Verbal communication is mostly appreciated for inctances like those.

Why do i need a guarantor to sign?

A guarantor is stipulated to sign on our loan agreement and is also liable for 50% of the loan arrear if default.

Are collaterals my responsibility?

Yes, collaterals used to obtain loans are the borrower's responsibility to keep them safe, although legally the collaterals use to obtain the loan belongs to the lender until the loan is cleared. If the items used for collateral are purposely damaged, the borrower will have to redress.

What if I relocate to another area ?

Relocating without letting us know will be a breach of contract.
It is always best for a client to update us if they have change residence.
We use unconventional methods of updating the clients we serve.

Does Petty Cash Loans has a bailiff policy ?

Unfortunately, YES.

What are late fees and or penalties ?

When a customer defaults on a loan, meaing, he paid late or did not pay, which results in the system's charging of late fees as a percentage of the loan's arrear on a weekly basis.

What are the reasons that will cause PCL to bailiff?

Not paying the first installment after receiving your loan.
Consistent deliquency
Relocation without informing Petty Cash Loans.
None payment on account for 28 days and beyond.
If we have to keep calling clients to make their payments.
After receiving a second demand letter.

How can I access a Payday Advance loan?

1. Need to be working or have a steady income.
2. If self employed, proof of business and or collateral.
3. ID, Trn, Job letter, Pay slips, pp photo, Recommendation (JP)
4. Have a person who may stand as guarantor, this person should also be working.